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Residential Care Facilities

$1800 - $3500

Residential homes with live-in caregiver. Up to 10 residents, licensed by the Health Dept.

Assisted Living Facilities

$1900 - $5000

Larger facilities with more than 10 rooms, or small apartments. Usually the atmosphere is similar to that of a nursing home.

Nursing Homes

$3500 - $6000

Large facilities taht are made up of individual rooms. Doctors and nurses may be on staff 24 hours.


Medicare covered

This service follows the patient whereever he may be, whether in his own home or another facility.

Alzheimer's Care Centers

$3000 - $8000+

Much like the other large facilities, but specialize ´┐Żn memory care.

Independent Living

$1000 - $6000+

Small apartments within a multilevel community. Dinner may be an optional meal served.

Day Care Facilities

$50 - $100 per day

Large facilities that offer programs and meals from morning to afternoon.



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